Imagine a small robot made in a short time. That's MinuteBot.


MinuteBot is semi-professional robotics made easy. Build to be used together with LEGO Mindstorms - but with robust elements designed for higher precision and durability using industrial components.


MinuteBot is your new robot co-worker!


Please also check out our first MinuteBot project on where we succesfully crowdfunded a new MinuteBot Base as a foundation for robotic creations (video courtesy of Dr. Dude):  


Have you experienced that the first small automated solution in the lab tends to be operational for quite some time? So do we. And then you're ready for MinuteBot.


Designed by engineers for engineers. 

Here is another cool example of LEGO Mindstorms robots used in a research lab (video  courtesy of OyenLab, Cambridge University, UK):


Here is the MinuteBot Base plate being used to teach students about various types of gears and transmission (video courtesy of FIRST team Westside):









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